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Articles from the Wall Street Journal:  •EU Demands Apple Repay $14.5 Billion in Irish Tax Breaks  •Mondelez Walks Away After Hershey Spurns Raised Bid  •Mylan, Feeling Heat on EpiPen Price, Will Offer Cheaper Generic  •'Soft Skills' Like Critical Thinking Are in Short Supply  •Alphabet Executive Leaves Uber Board  •Fed's Dislike of Negative Interest Rates Points to Limits of Stimulus  •Nothing Says 'Bank Policy' Like Bullets, Bazookas and Sledgehammers  •When Economic Doomsayers Stumble  •As Food Prices Fall, Economic Pain Hits More Businesses  •Companies' Report on Brazil Dam Failure Adds Little New on Causes  •Hanjin Shipping Moves Closer to Bankruptcy  •Another Intellectual-Property-Law Firm to Close  •U.S. Jobs, EU Sentiment, China Manufacturing  •Construction Unions Stymie Low-Income Housing Plans in California, New York  •Yellen Says Fed Could Expand Its Use of Bond Purchases  •Firms Say Goodbye to Prettied-Up Financial Reports  •At Ports, a Sign of How Retailers Are Adjusting Supply Chains  •Facebook to Allow Users to Trigger 'Safety Check' Feature