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Articles from the Wall Street Journal:  •Black Friday Shopping---With Thinner Crowds  •Lufthansa Signs Pay Deal with 33,000 Personnel  •Ford Drops 'Friends & Neighbors' Sales Promotion  •Toshiba Mulls Sale of Stake in Chip Arm  •U.S. New-Home Sales Continue Robust Pace  •U.S. Durable Orders Climb 3% in October  •U.S. Restricts Raising Cap on Federally Backed Mortgages  •Japan Unveils New Programs to Stimulate Economy  •Will Black Friday Deals Give a Boost to Car Sales?  •Chinese Drone Maker Plows Into Agriculture  •Brazil to File $5.3 Billion Suit Against Dam Owners  •Chinese Pull Back From U.S. Real Estate  •Fears Add Dispirited Air to Europe's Christmas Markets  •Netherlands to Appeal EU Decision that Starbucks Tax Deal Is Illegal State Aid  •Facing Competition, Pemex Seeks to Leverage Assets