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Articles from the Wall Street Journal:  •Retailers Rushed to Hire for Holidays, a Sign of Tight Labor Market  •AT&T Deal Faces Tough Climate  •Car Makers Struggle With Dashboard Screens  •Internal Audit Chiefs Gain in Clout and Compensation  •Crown's VIP Ambitions Clouded by Crackdown in China  •Sputtering Startups Weigh on U.S. Economic Growth  •Central Bank Chief Says Canada Can Handle More Infrastructure Investment  •U.S. Existing-Home Sales Rebounded in September  •Merck Drug Gets FDA Approval as a First-Line Lung Cancer Treatment  •Gannett Plans to Cut 2% of Its Workforce  •Detroit Increases Truck Capacity; Signs of Market Peak Appear  •ACA Deadline Extended for Those Who Lost Their Health Plans  •Kimberly-Clark is Bracing for More Quarters of Sluggish Sales  •Embraer to Pay $205 Million to Settle Bribery Allegations